Portrait of Sam wearing a brown knitted hat.


I am a German expat in the North West of the UK. I've been bilingual since I was a child and my mother's work took us to several countries, including the UK. I completed the last four years of my schooling in Germany, after which I returned to the UK.

I used to believe that I was a scientist, and completed and BSc and an MSc in Biology. While logical thinking, data and spreadsheets still feature heavily in my day to day life, I also longed for a more creative connection. Also, after killing all my yeast samples, I discovered that lab work was not my strength. 

Several years later, including working on a collaborative conference with charities and many other adventures (including a further Masters, this time in History), I embarked on some doctoral research. Unfortunately, during that time, my mother became ill and passed away. Combined with some health issues of my own, I ultimately had to abandon the project. 

Now, I am trying to mitigate some of my own health issues by working for myself, as a freelance writer, editor and translator, as well as knitwear designer.